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Mortgage Refinance

Second time’s a charm.

With many different ways to borrow, CoastHills can help you refinance your existing loan and find a monthly payment that fits like a comfy pair of socks. We’ll help review your current mortgage and payments, and recommend any possible solutions to brighten up your financial life. Here are a few ways that refinancing your mortgage can help:

  • Lower your payments. A reduced rate equals a lower monthly payment.
  • Use your home’s equity. Get the money you need to consolidate debt or fund a major purchase. Refinance a higher amount than your current mortgage, and you’ll have access to smart cash.
  • Shorten your term. Take advantage of interest savings by refinancing to a shorter term. You may be able to save thousands of dollars.
  • Convert to a fixed rate. If you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, you may be able to convert it to a fixed rate.
  • No closing costs options*.

Contact us at (800) 262-4488 for a free, no obligation mortgage refinance consultation today.

*No closing cost options available. Member pays for the appraisal and credit report (to be refunded at the close of escrow) and all prepaid closing costs (prepaid interest, property taxes, hazard insurance and impounds). Please contact a Lending Specialist at 855-774-5626 for details.

Mobile Banking

Apple or Android, 
no judgement here.

Our iPhone and Android apps make mobile banking as easy as tapping your touchscreen. Use your smartphone or mobile device to stay on top of your finances - check balances, pay bills, set up alerts, transfer funds, even make remote deposits (it's as easy as taking a picture). The app is free and available at the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play

A nice way to say "hi" to your money. 

Relationship Rewards

Let's take our relationship
to the next level.

At CoastHills, we're in it for the long-haul. From financing your next car and home, to providing everything you need for quick and easy access to your money, we want to be the only financial institution you’ll need… from now to forever. Sound like a big goal? We’re ready to prove it with Relationship Rewards. It’s our way to say “thank you” for using CoastHills for all your financial services.   

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Real Estate Loan

Real Estate Loans

Let's buy a house together.

Our real estate lending team can help guide you through one of life’s biggest financial decisions—buying or refinancing a home. And with many different ways to borrow, you’ll have a monthly payment that fits you like a comfy pair of socks. Learn more