Coast Hills

Employee All In

With the strong support of our employees, we launched an employee giving program in 2016 called, I'm All In. Since then, we've given $66,000 to 62 local nonprofits and schools from Santa Cruz County through Ventura County.

Nearly every CoastHills employee - 95% of our 250 employees - have pledged to pool monthly donations to support fundraising efforts in our field of membership. Each quarter, five employees in the giving pool are chosen to present $1,000 to the charity of his or her choice. Empowering them with the individual opportunity to financially support initiatives that mean the most to them. Proving that every donation, no matter the size, combines to make a truly meaningful difference in our community. 

We are extremely grateful to our team of employees, who not only work tirelessly every day to help our members reach their financial goals, but who's personal contributions go above and beyond to make a difference in our neighbors' lives.

With a little help from (y)our friends

The CoastHills Community Foundation was formed in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) guided by a board of internal and external volunteers to provide funding and support of our community outreach initiatives. Since 2011, members new to CoastHills have contributed a one-time $5 membership fee to support the reach of the Community Action Sponsorships, making the program a true neighbors-helping-neighbors initiative. In 2016, CoastHills opened its first branch in Ventura County located in Thousand Oaks and the Community Foundation expanded its initiatives.