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WAIT! Before you start uploading your PPP Loan Forgiveness documents, please make sure to review the common application errors below.

PPP Loan Forgiveness Common Application Errors

The following are errors commonly found on PPP Loan Forgiveness applications:

Where can I find my SBA Loan Number?
Your SBA PPP Loan Number is a 10-digit number assigned at the time of loan approval and found on the SBA Note Form 147 (ex. 12345678-90).

SBA PPP Loan Number

Where can I find my Lender PPP Loan Number?
Your Lender PPP Loan Number is your 8-digit CoastHills member number (ex. 123456-50).

Lender PPP Loan Number

Where do I find my PPP Loan Disbursement Date?
Your loan disbursement date is the date when loan proceeds were deposited into your Business Checking Account. It is not the date on your loan documents. You can find that date by visiting your CoastHills Business Banking Portal.

If this is your first time logging in to the Business Banking Portal, the Primary Admin must use the credentials received from

PPP Loan Disbursement Date

What do I enter for Employees at Time of Loan Application?
This number should reflect the number entered on your PPP Loan Application at loan origination.

Employees at Time of Loan Application

What is my covered period?
The start date of your covered period is the PPP loan disbursement date and the end of your covered period is 56 days from that date – if you’re utilizing the 8-week covered period – or 168 days from the disbursement date – if you’re utilizing the 24-week covered period. 
This is regardless if your funds have been fully exhausted prior to the end date of the covered period.

Covered Period

To download and print a pdf version of common application errors, click here.

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