Coast Hills
A man uses both his mobile phone and laptop to access online banking.

Attention: For Business Banking, please CLICK HERE.

Coming soon: A new way to bank online.

Start preparing now.

Important features are on the way

We're working hard to deliver a new online banking platform that brings a consistent look to both your online banking portal and mobile banking app.

You'll keep all of your great access to online billpay, loan applications, transfers and online statements. And soon, we're also bringing you upgraded money management tools, the ability to import all your accounts from other financial institutions and see them all in one place as well as person to person payments in both online banking and our mobile app.

What else you need to know

Since this is a new platform and not just a refresh of our current system, you will have to re-register for online banking and set your password again. Mobile users will download a new mobile banking app, too. But nothing in your account will be lost. Your online billpay settings, payees and automatic payments will all remain intact.

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for everyone. So stay tuned to this page for FAQs, videos and step-by-step tutorials.