Coast Hills

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A new way to bank online.

Important features are here to stay

Our new online banking platform that brings a consistent look to both your online banking portal and mobile banking app.

You still have convenient access to online billpay, loan applications, transfers and online statements. And now, we've brought you upgraded money management tools, the ability to import all your accounts from other financial institutions and see them all in one place as well as P2P payments both online and on mobile.

What else you need to know

Since this is a new platform and not just a refresh of our current system, the first time you login to the new system, you’ll be able to use your existing username, but you will need to reset your password. Mobile users will download a new mobile banking app, too. But nothing in your account will be lost. Your online Bill Pay settings, payees and automatic payments will all remain intact.

To familiarize yourself with the new features, watch our videos, review our reference guides or go straight to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clicking here.

Video Tutorials

Printable Resource Guides

Keep financially fit with Money Management 

With our new Money Management system, it’s easier than ever to see all your financial accounts in one place. And use that information to do all your household financial planning.  

Link outside checking, savings or investment accounts, credit cards, loans or property values. Once linked, you’ll see your complete financial picture. And no matter if you’re meticulous about budgeting, brand new to the idea or somewhere in the middle, you’ll find plenty of useful features among our robust list:  

  • Transactions are automatically categorized quickly and accurately. 
  • Build your own budgets or let the assistant do it for you.
  • View your spending analysis.
  • See your cash flow over time.
  • Set and track your most important savings, debt and retirement goals.
  • Easily calculate your net worth.
  • Manage debts and track your payoffs.
  • Receive email and/or text alerts for payment reminders, balance thresholds, budget warnings and more.   

Getting started is simple, too. From your “My Accounts” screen in your new online banking dashboard, just click on the Money Management or Outside Accounts widget. Once you accept the terms, all your CoastHills products will automatically import.  

From there, add your other financial accounts by linking them with your online login credentials. Then access the separate tabs within money management to set up all your options.  

Pay bills your way 

You wanted the ability to view your credit card transactions and make your CoastHills Visa payment through our mobile app. We heard you loud and clear.  

With our new online banking mobile app, you’ll be able to make payments to all your CoastHills loans and credit cards right from the default accounts screen. And through the Credit Cards option in the More menu, you have access to your full transaction history, rewards points and more — all without leaving the comfort of the app.  

But that’s far from the end of the story.  

When it comes to paying bills with CoastHills, there are many convenient options from within online banking and the mobile banking app.  

Pay any or all of your household bills across either platform through our online billpay system. If you were using online billpay in our old system, worry not. All of your payees, eBills and automatic payments will transfer to the new system. If you’re not using online billpay, what are you waiting for? 

Just like on the mobile app, you can make payments from your CoastHills accounts directly to any of your CoastHills loans or credit cards through the default accounts widget on the desktop platform. 

Paying a CoastHills loan from an account at another financial institution? We’d love it if you moved your checking account over to the Credit Union, but even if you don’t, we make it simple to make external payments across both mobile and desktop platforms with Loan Payment.  

Plenty of options for P2P 

Sending money? Requesting money? How about collecting from a group of people? Or making a recurring payment? 

Eliminate the hassles of checks and cash. With CoastHills online and mobile banking, sending and receiving money is as easy as emailing and texting. You’ve just got to zero in on the option that’s right for you. And best of all, each option is free.  

For instance, our new innovative payment solution, Popmoney, is a versatile person-to-person payment option that works in most any situation. You can send, request and receive money, and the other party does not need to be a CoastHills member. All they need is a bank account, an email or mobile number and to sign up for or log in to Popmoney.  

You could be sending money to a friend for walking your dog. Requesting payment for the concert ticket you bought them. Collecting pledges for your child’s school fundraiser. Or scheduling a recurring payment to your roommate for your half of the rent. 

Let’s say the payment needs to be instantly available. You can also use your online and mobile banking to transfer directly to another CoastHills member. Do so by selecting the “Send money to member” option and scroll down to “add a recipient” in the “To” box. You’ll need the other member to share their 10-digit account number and the first three letters of the primary account holder’s last name with you in advance.  

From there, any future payment you make can be accessed by the other member immediately.  

Finally, the “Transfer Funds” option is our new method for making transfers between financial institutions. Move money from your CoastHills account to either your or another person’s checking or savings account at another credit union or bank by providing the routing and account number.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I have to re-register if I already bank online with CoastHills?
No, you will be able to login using you current username. Your first login to the new platform will require the use of a default password: 1234 + the last 4 of your SSN. Once successfully logged in, you will be prompted to select a new password.

Will I lose my Online Billpay settings, payees and/or scheduled payments?
No. All of your existing Online Billpay data, payments, payees and history will automatically migrate to the new online banking platform.

Will the online banking website be unavailable at some point?
We're aiming for a seamless conversion where you experience zero down time, but there is a possibility of up to a couple hours where the system may be unavailable.  

Will I still be able to transfer money to other CoastHills members, even if I am not joint on the account?
Yes, but you will need to re-establish the transfer. The new platform will allow you to set up member-to-member transfers on your own using the feature under Move Money>Send Money to Member. You will need to know the other member’s name, account number, and share/loan suffix.

If I have my own CoastHills account, and I am a joint signer on another account, will I have multiple online banking login credentials?
The new platform will allow us to link joint accounts to your primary login. First, you must see us and complete a form, then you will be able to view all associated accounts in one login. The only exceptions will be credit cards and mortgages from your joint accounts, but you can add those accounts to your dashboard in Money Management.

Will my alerts transfer over?
Unfortunately, no. If you have set up account alerts, you will have to set them up again to continue receiving alerts. 

Will I have to download a new mobile banking app?
Yes, once the conversion to the new platform is complete, your previous CoastHills mobile banking app will no longer work. Please visit your mobile app store and search for CoastHills or click the buttons below after July 14. 


Can I register using the mobile app or do I have to register on a desktop browser first?

You will need to complete your first login using a web browser. Then you will be able to access your account through the mobile app.

How quickly will the recipient receive funds using Popmoney?
This depends on which delivery option is selected when sending and how the recipient sets up their Popmoney transactions to post.

  • Express Delivery can post as early as the same day.
  • Standard Delivery takes 2 - 3 days

Popmoney allows to ability to post funds to an account using the routing and account numbers and also a debit card.

  • Debit card option posts the fastest, sometimes the same day.
  • Account number option takes a little longer, 2 - 3 days.

Can I set up a member-to-member transfer to a loan payment?

Not currently. Member-to-member transfers can only be made to checking and/or savings.