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Navigating Account History 

This guide is designed to help you navigate through the Account History page. Here you have a wide range of sorting and exporting options to help you keep track of activity on your checking or savings accounts.

Change Account

Use the Change dropdown to quickly and specifically cycle between accounts.


Your options for exporting transaction data include: CSV, OFX, Quicken and Quickbooks.

All file types are available for all accounts and will extract all transactions within the selected date range.

You can also use the filter capability to export a filtered list of transactions, such as checks or transfers, for a precise report.

Date Rage

The default date range is 10 days, but that default can be changed to any of the available options including 30 days, monthly or a custom range.

Narrow by item containing

You can use this search field to enter check numbers or other text to filter only the transactions you want to see.


The default sorting option is by Date. You may also click on any column header to sort by a different value, like Description, Amount, etc. Your Date sort preferences are saved.

Check Images

When a check image is available, you will see a check icon. Click the icon to see a digital picture of your check.