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CoastHills Money Management

Financial tools built to make your life easier.

When you log into your CoastHills online banking portal, you’ll notice a section called Money Management. This powerful tool unlocks your ability to see a complete financial picture and manage your money quicker and easier than ever before.

From either the desktop version of online banking or straight from within the CoastHills mobile banking app, accept the terms, and you’ll already see your banking products preloaded into Money Management. Begin adding any and all of your outside checking, savings or investment accounts, credit cards, loans or property values.

With all of your payment accounts feeding information to Money Management, you can plainly see all of your transactions in one convenient feed, no matter which credit, debit or investment account you used to make the purchase.

Spending Mobile ScreenMobile Alerts Screen

Money Management also automatically sorts all of your transactions
into categories like shopping, food & dining, bills & utilities, home, travel and many more to give you a handy visual showing where and how your money is spent. The accurate categorizing means less time manually entering data and more time for everything else.

From there, you can set monthly budgets for each spending category. Money Management allows you to build your own budget from scratch, entering the amounts you want to spend on each category. Even easier, let Money Management automatically set your budgets for you. It will analyze your spending habits and set target budgets for you. You can also manually edit any of your automatic budget thresholds at any time.

With accounts imported and a budget set, you can now leverage a powerful reporting tool that gives you important notifications on the go: Alerts. Toggle alerts to be sent when you are projected to exceed your budget for the month and/or one if you actually do go over budget. You can receive account balance, large expense or large deposit alerts or even get debt payment reminders. Money management can even alert you when you have been charged a fee. You decide what to be notified of and how. Your email address will be the default method, but enter your mobile phone number directly into Money Management, and you can receive text alerts in addition to or instead of email.

Trends is a helpful section that allows you to track how your spending in specific categories has changed over a period of time. Is your shopping on the rise? Making an effort to cut down on eating out? Take a look at how things have changed over the past 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Get a convenient look at your trends in graphical or spreadsheet form. Then use that information to help inform your spending decisions.

That’s not all. Money Management also has plenty of additional features to help round out your entire financial forecast, including:  

  • See your cash flow over time.
  • Set and track your most important savings, debt and retirement goals.
  • Easily calculate your net worth.
  • Manage debts and track your payoffs.
  • Receive email and/or text alerts for payment reminders, balance thresholds, budget warnings and more.  

Log in to online banking and get started with the financial management tool made just for you.