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Using Alerts

Use this guide to get familiar with the different alerts you can set using your new online banking portal.

Accessing Alerts

The Notifications link at the top of the page displays all alerts processed in the past 7 days. A red box displays the number of unread alerts from within online banking (even if the alert has already been viewed in your email.) This number reset to zero if you click to display the Notifications bar.

The Settings link may be used to add or edit alerts. The View All link displays up to 90 days of alerts history.

You will have the option to receive alerts as emails or by text message to mobile devices.

Alerts 01

Add an alert

When you add a new alert, it will include a default trigger value for things like balance thresholds and large withdrawals. You can adjust those values to fit your preferences.

Hovering over an alert reveals the More Options and Remove links for that alert. Options allow you to change the account, frequency, delivery options or to add a personal message to your alert.

SMS Alerts

Text message, or SMS alerts, may also be set up on the Alerts screen.