Coast Hills

Savings Accounts

Rainy days optional.

From the fun (holiday gifts, vacations) to the practical (emergency expenses, taxes), and everything in between, you can save and earn with CoastHills. We have savings accounts that help you plan for every day of your life. You can even make saving money as easy as, well … sleeping, simply by setting up automatic transfers from a CoastHills checking account.

A savings account for
every part of your life

Basic Share (Savings) Account

This is the account that begins your credit union membership. Once you open a Basic Share account, you’re a member (and part-owner) of CoastHills. This means you get full membership privileges such as voting rights (must be 16 years or older), and you’ll earn dividends (earned daily and paid monthly).

All it takes is $10 to begin ($5 membership fee + $5 minimum deposit). Your $5 membership fee is donated to the CoastHills Community Foundation, which supports hundreds of community organizations each year. See, you get to save money and warm your heart at the same time.

Special Share Account

Put money aside for the good stuff—cruises, cars and RVs, SuperBowl trips. It doesn’t matter what you’re saving for, you call the shots. There are no minimum balances and you earn dividends daily (paid monthly based on your account balance). Set up regular automatic transfers from a CoastHills checking account and see your savings take flight.

Holiday Club Account

Attention holiday shoppers, we have just the account for you. We’ll help you stash money away for your end-of-year shopping adventures. Whether you’re a Black Friday pro, or simply want to head start on gifts for the little ones, with a Holiday Club, you can put a little away each month throughout the year. Save as much (or as little) as you like without penalty and earn dividends daily (paid monthly). We’ll even transfer the balance to your checking or savings account in mid-November so you can have a jolly holiday.

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