Coast Hills

Youth Savings Accounts

Family-friendly accounts for members 17 and under

Our Youth Savings accounts are a great way to help your children develop excellent savings habits at an early age. Both accounts will teach your children that not only are savings accounts safer than storing cash in a piggy bank, but their money will make more money by keeping it there. And with our online and mobile banking tools, you can transfer your child’s allowance, parent match and more.

Youth Savings Accounts
Whether it's tooth fairy earnings or their first part-time job, a CoastHills Youth Account can help your child develop good financial habits early.

Sammy Savers (Ages 12 and under)

Start teaching your child good money saving habits early. Add their tooth fairy earnings, birthday money and weekly allowance to their account and show them how it can grow. Plus, after account opening celebrate each birthday with a special gift from CoastHills. We’ll send a birthday postcard to celebrate, if they bring that into a branch with a deposit of $1 or more, we’ll deposit a gift of $5 into their Sammy Savers account.1

Teen Scene (Ages 13 to 17)

Continue to teach your teen how to grow their savings as they start earning money from their part-time jobs or putting away money for their future. Once your teen turns 16 (and with a parent’s consent), they qualify to open a Freedom Plus Checking account which comes with a FREE Visa® debit card which they can use anywhere Visa® is accepted and start learning responsible financial habits. To qualify for a CoastHills Visa® debit card, they’ll have to take our quick financial literacy course called, “Understanding Your Money.

Benefits of a CoastHills Youth Savings Account

Establish membership in your child’s name
Earn dividends on account balance
Low $10 minimum to open2
FREE Online Banking
FREE eStatements
FREE Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit

To open one of our youth savings accounts, stop by any of our 12 local branches or call (805) 733-7600. Find more tools and tips to teach your child the value of saving through the CoastHills Financial Wellness Center.

1 $1 minimum deposit required to Sammy Savers Account within 60 days of birthday.
2 All new members must pay a $5 minimum deposit plus a $5 fee at the time of share origination which will be deposited into the CoastHills Community Foundation general fund.