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  • From Puppies to Tech Support: 10 Scams Targeting Older Members

    June is Elder Abuse Awareness month.

    June is Elder Abuse Awareness month, an excellent time to brush up on the latest scams targeting older members.

  • Meet Our 2022 Election Winners

    Election Blog Banner

    The annual election to select officers for CoastHills Credit Union’s volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee took place in January and February, and the Credit Union was proud to announce the election winners at the CoastHills Annual Meeting held in March. Elected to three-year terms, the Board will be represented by R. Bruce Coggin, Dr. Earl Murray and Arthur "Chuck" Scheithauer Jr. The Supervisory Committee will be represented by David R. Meyers.

  • Don't Even Think About Shopping For A New Car Until You Read These Tips

    Man and woman online car shopping

    Long gone are the days when you needed to worry about haggling over prices. Even if you’ve bought a car within the past five years, you’ll find things have changed. Today, it’s all about convenience. Even so, it can sometimes be tricky finding the right deal for you. Follow these tips for your best bet at making your auto purchase experience smoother than ever.

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  • Judge The Best Grilled Cheese In SLO County

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    In a contest brought to you by Restorative Partners Inc., restaurants from Cayucos to Paso Robles to Arroyo Grande and nearly everywhere in between are each offering their unique takes on grilled cheese sandwiches in a bid to bring home a trio of tasty titles. There’s “Best Grilled Cheese,” “Most Ooey Gooey” and “Best Twisted.” Anytime between now and the end of June, visit as many of the restaurants listed here as you can, then head over to the contest website to cast votes for your favorite. You’ll probably want to try more than a few for comparison’s sake.

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  • DOs And DON'Ts For Buying A House In A Competitive Market

    DOs and DONTs of Homebuying

    When housing inventory and interest rates are both at historic lows, that can make for a housing market that’s more frustrating than exciting. Increased competition for a limited number of homes for sale tends to drive up prices and lower the chances of having your bid accepted by the seller. While you can’t control mortgage rates or the quantity of listings, there are several steps you can take to be in the best position possible to earn that coveted accepted offer. Here are the top 10 DOs and DON’Ts for homebuying in a competitive market.

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  • From The CEO: Our Journey Through The Pandemic

    A message from CEO, Paul Cook.

    At CoastHills Credit Union, we’ve spent the past year focused on helping our member-owners successfully navigate the pandemic, on improving the quality and efficiency of our member service and on providing excellent products to help you reach your financial goals.

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  • All The Ways You Can Make A Loan Or Credit Card Payment For Free

    Important Info Blog Banner

    Our temporary fee waiver for making same-day credit card and loan payments over the phone is sunsetting on Monday, April 26, 2021. At that time, performing a debit/credit or ACH (i.e. electronic check) payment by phone will be accompanied by the original $15 fee. We are proud to have been able to offer the service without the fee for most of this past year and are glad to have helped so many members save money during a crucial time. Here are some convenient ways for you to continue making payments for free.

  • Meet Our 2021 Election Winners

    Election Blog Banner

    The annual election to select officers for CoastHills Credit Union’s volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee took place in February, and the Credit Union was proud to announce the election winners at the CoastHills Annual Meeting held in March. Elected to three-year terms, the Board will be represented by Homero Contreras, Kris Andrews and Bernard E. “Bee Jay” Jones, all incumbents. The Supervisory Committee will be represented by David R. Meyers, Colleen Scott and Allison Smith. Myers and Scott were also incumbents.

  • Home Buying: Top Tips For Purchasing New Construction

    Use these tips for buying your next new home

    Here are some tips to help ensure you have a smooth new construction home-buying experience.

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  • 'Fighting Back' Combats Teen and Young Adult Homelessness In Santa Maria

    Fighting Back has 30 full time employees and four interns

    Fighting Back: Santa Maria Valley was one of four area charities to receive a $500 sponsorship from the CoastHills Credit Union Community Action Sponsorship program this month. Community Action Committee members were drawn to Fighting Back’s passion for serving an oft overlooked population, homeless transitional age youth.

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  • When Should You NOT Pay Off Your Credit Card Every Month?

    Transfer a balance to you CoastHills Credit Card

    Carrying little or no balances on your credit accounts, referred to as low credit utilization, may also help improve your credit score. To maximize your rewards and minimize your finance charges, it makes sense to build a habit of bringing your balance to 0 each month. Still, sometimes it might make sense for you to break your own good habit.

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  • CoastHills, Rafferty Team Up To Present $5,000 To Support Local Veterans In Need

    CoastHills CEO Paul Cook and and Credit Union volunteer director Hugh Rafferty present Santa Barbara County Supervisor Steve Lavagnino and Veterans Stand Down with a check for $5,000.

    CoastHills volunteer board director and Marine Corps veteran Hugh Rafferty partnered with the Credit Union to direct $5,000 to Santa Barbara County Veterans Stand Down's grab-and-go event for local veterans in need.

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  • Top Tips For Saving While Shopping Safely & Conveniently During The Pandemic

    A woman sits on her bed with a laptop to holiday shop online

    Whether you’ve already finished your holiday shopping, you’re somewhere in the middle or haven’t even started yet — there are still ways for you to save money this season. Boost your holiday savings and do it safely with these shopping tips.

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  • CASA SLO Putting A Unique Spin On Virtual Fundraising

    Oct. 23, 2020. Go to for more info.

    With Rendezvous 2020, CASA SLO is inviting everyone to tune in free to its virtual presentation, which is partly sponsored by CoastHills Credit Union. The organization is also offering pick-up packages of cocktail kits from Sidecar Cocktail Co., wine from Matthews Vineyard and desert trays from Cakes by Judy for virtual guests to enjoy before viewing the presentation.

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  • View Your Pending Transactions In Online Banking

    A woman browses online banking on her mobile phone app.

    Pending transactions are now included in your online transaction history. You can see when a direct deposit is pending in your account. You can also view transaction details for purchases that have not completed processing. This gives you a complete accounting of your finances, completely on demand.

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  • Avoid Scams & Bank Securely In The Time Of COVID

    Phishing attacks can be email, text messages or phone calls

    Now more than ever, criminals are having success getting people just like you to hand over all the info they need to drain their banking accounts. The COVID-19 pandemic is at least partly to blame for this new surge in fraud. We’ve all had to become more comfortable doing business from home, online and over the phone rather than heading out to a brick and mortar location. And criminals are taking advantage.

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  • 3 Common Checking Account Restrictions

    3 Common Checking Account Restrictions

    If you’re looking to open a new checking account somewhere—you’ll have options. Maybe too many options, for that matter. There are thousands of banks and credit unions to choose from, with individual features and tons of benefits to sift through. Even though a lot of checking accounts are readily available, there are some specific things to look for in a good checking account.

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  • How To Make The Most Of Your Checking Account

    How to Make the Most of Your Checking Account

    A checking account can be the ideal hub for your daily budgeting. It is a great transactional tool for frequent withdrawals and deposits. Whereas savings accounts are built for building up your funds over time, checking accounts are built for spending. (Unless, of course, your checking account offers interest-earning dividends.) If you’re looking to utilize your checking account to its fullest… you came to the right place.

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  • Is An Dividend Earning Checking Account Right For You?

    Is an Interest-Bearing Checking Account Right for You

    Checking accounts are great assets for everyday living. Spending becomes easier when your money can be accessible through multiple avenues, such as a debit card, checks or online transaction services, like Venmo or PayPal. Who doesn’t like instant, secure access to their money? But there’s one differentiator that certain checking accounts have over the average deposit account.

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  • Watch out for these virus-related scams

    Watch out for these virus-related scams

    Scammers are always out there, and the coronavirus pandemic is only giving them more opportunities to concoct schemes that may look or sound legitimate but are totally designed to victimize you.

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