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If members were flowers, we'd pick you

by Joshua D. Scroggin
April 25, 2016
Five Cities Flowers

If you’ve visited our Five Cities branch in Arroyo Grande, you’ve probably noticed the vibrant vase with colorful fresh flowers that greets members at our concierge desk.

The flowers are refreshed regularly, and the ever-changing vase comes from a beautiful collection selected with personal care.

But it might surprise you to know the behind-the-blooms story.

The flowers and vases are actually brought in from home by business member Helen Saulsbury. Most times, the bouquets come straight from Helen’s home garden. A tax preparer in Arroyo Grande, Helen has been blessing us with these beautiful gifts for years.

One day, Helen decided to share some of her award-winning flowers with us to show her appreciation. They’re the target of frequent compliments, and they’re one tiny but crucial reason why every day is “Another great day” at CoastHills Credit Union. 

“The branch is like family,” Helen said.

“I just love the people in there. My yard is an abundance of flowers, and so therefore, I thought, ‘Why not share them with people I really like?’ ”

That’s not all she shares. You’ll often hear Helen’s voice belting out her favorite Christmas carols while making her holiday transactions. When she’s not singing, she’ll stroll in with a funny joke for each one of our staff members.

“She really does brighten everyone’s day,” said our Five Cities Branch Manager, Alonso Figueroa. “She has a spirit that’s contagious.”

Helen’s undeniable spirit fits right in at CoastHills. Like Helen, We’re proud to be ourselves, and we make a difference in our neighbors’ lives. The only thing that makes us happier than members like Helen making a difference for us is returning the favor through personalized service.

“At the branch, if I make a mistake and do something that needs to be corrected, they’re on it — and happily so,” Helen said. “They’re just fabulously kind and patient. How can you not give back to people like that? They’re so wonderful.”

Whether it’s business services or personal attention, Helen appreciates Alonso and all the others at CoastHills who help her achieve her financial goals.

“Alonso is so wonderful,” Helen said. “If there are any problems, he’s right on it. If they’re short-handed, he’s gone back and worked the windows. He cares about his employees. He cares about his business, and he’s just a down-to-earth and fabulous person.”

Visit our Five-Cities branch today, and see Helen's flowers for yourself. 

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