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A letter from our Info Security Team on 'Petya' ransomware

by Joshua D. Scroggin
June 30, 2017

Dear Members,

Because the safety and security of member information is our highest concern, we want to share some insights about “Petya,” a cyber-security threat you may hear about. CoastHills and our partners have NOT been impacted by Petya, and we remain vigilant in monitoring our systems to ensure the security of both CoastHills members and our vendors.

What is Petya?

A form of ransomware currently affecting technical systems across the globe, Petya exploits a security flaw in Microsoft Windows’ operating system. The security flaw, known as EternalBlue, is the same vulnerability exploited by the WannaCry attack earlier this year. 

What is CoastHills doing?

Our information security team proactively monitors our security posture at all times and uses layers of security controls to protect our technology infrastructure from any disruption.

What can our members do?

For more information on this type of cyberattack, please review this alert released by the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team.  This will assist you in taking your own preventative measures to ensure you are secure. 


Paul Cook
SVP Chief Information Officer
CoastHills Credit Union

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