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Help bring common sense regulation to your banking practices

by Joshua D. Scroggin
December 26, 2017
A scenic photo of the domed U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.
Last spring, we wrote about the ripple effects the 2008 financial crisis continue to have on your pocketbook

Long story short, one-size-fits-all regulations put in place to curb irresponsible lending practices and corruption by Wall Street banks are unfairly lumping community-focused credit unions like CoastHills in with the mega banks that lost the public's trust — and are costing members money in the process.
Thankfully, members of Congress from all sides are seeing the wisdom of rolling back those recession‐era rules hurting local credit unions and community banks. This bi-partisan coalition wants to eliminate excessive regulation of local community lenders. 

Considering how rare it is to see bi‐partisan support for anything in Congress, it looks like Senate Bill 2155 is on the right track. To keep it there, it's important that you visit, a website for credit union supporters.

In seconds, you can send a note to your two U.S. Senators requesting their support for S. 2155. It's that simple, and you can make a difference.
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