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Your Opinions Matter. That's Why We Revamped Our Member Surveys

by Joshua D. Scroggin
October 28, 2019
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Member feedback has always been important to decision-making at CoastHills Credit Union. It’s one thing to say it — even better to back it up.

Thanks to some critical thinking by Credit Union Senior Vice President of Technology Scott Olson and a crucial partnership with SurveyMonkey CX, we are proud to show how much the opinions of our members matter.

The Credit Union is one of 20 customer stories worldwide that SurveyMonkey has recognized on its website as prime examples of growth and innovation.

The proof is in the re-worked process.

Now, when members take satisfaction surveys, their feedback is automated into a report that refreshes every three hours, giving branch staff a real-time look at data that will help them improve their member service. Managers can review both positive and negative feedback with their staff immediately.

The whole exercise is to make sure members are heard, and their feedback leads to adjustments.

“Over time, the tellers are getting better and better at their jobs because they’re getting that instant feedback,” Scott said. “They’re seeing what really works.”

Prior to the partnership with SurveyMonkey, CoastHills was still very serious about member satisfaction. The Credit Union sent 10,000 surveys each month to any of its 68,000 members who visited a branch. Still, the process was very manual.

Getting results from the surveys could take up to 45 days, and when they came in, CoastHills employees would analyze the data and prepare a report. It was comprehensive, but with that kind of delay, it was harder for staff to connect the feedback with their adjustments.

Cue Scott, who worked together with Branch Operations Manager Jeanette Daley, to determine what information is most helpful and how to use that data to make a difference in members’ financial lives.

After some thought, the recipe was simple. Managers wanted to see overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) and sort it by branches and individuals. They wanted to total the number of perfect scores each teller received. They want full access to any reviews with low scores, so they could immediately reach out to a member and ask, “Hey, what can we do better.”

Scott used SurveyMonkey to automatically trigger surveys after each teller experience. He also installed the Microsoft Power BI integration with SurveyMonkey Enterprise to build an internal rating system.

Power BI pulls data from SurveyMonkey nearly continuously, giving branch staff the opportunity to instantly react to individual metrics.

“A branch manager can look at all their surveys, export to an Excel spreadsheet and review it with a teller,” Scott said. “They can go over individual NPS, negative feedback and perfect scores, so a teller has immediate insights in their interactions.”

The Credit Union’s NPS started around 65 and now trends from 67 to 71, which is very favorable to peer data. Financial institutions usually average an NPS of 39, according to SurveyMonkey benchmarks. It’s something the CoastHills volunteer board of directors can look to and appreciate about the Credit Union’s commitment to valuing member feedback.

Said Scott: “One of the things that we’re trying to do with this tool is show people, hey, this is what success looks like.”
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