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Please call (805) 733-7600, or toll-free (800) 262-4488, for help with our platform. 

Important features designed for you. Our online banking platform brings you important features that make online banking with CoastHills easier and more convenient. Things like accessing multiple accounts from a single dashboard and Quicken/QuickBooks integration for exporting your data. 

We have your back. To help make this transition to a new system easy on you and your authorized users, our staff will personally perform the set-up, giving you access to use the new platforms. This is important: Businesses that are not already registered for online banking CANNOT be registered for online banking without our help. If you see a self-service registration portal for online banking with CoastHills, do not attempt to register your business. Only sole proprietors may perform self-service registration.

Contact us.

  • If there are multiple signers on your business account, only one can be designated as the primary administrator for online banking.
  • Please contact your personal banker or email us at to declare the identity of your business account’s primary online banking user.
  • Their current email address and phone number must also be provided (please note that phone extensions are not supported).
  • Your designated primary administrator will receive two emails with instructions on how to complete the registration process on the new platforms. Please save these emails for easy access.
  • If your primary administrator does not see the emails, please be sure spam folders are checked. The emails will be sent from

Sub-users must be set up. If your account uses authorized sub-users, each sub-user must be set up within the online banking platform.

Adjustments to ACH. If you wish to originate ACH files and you use ACH templates, those templates will also need to be created in the platform. For ACH template instructions, please click here or follow the user guide listed below. ACH soft tokens are being implemented as an added layer of security for your business. Please note that you may not be able to process ACH batches without a token. Please click here or follow the user guide listed below to setup an ACH soft token.

User Guides

Please click on the bullets below for printable user guides including step-by-step instructions for performing necessary functions within online banking and/or recreating settings that were present in the previous system.

Instructional Videos. We have prepared these instructional courses on how to get the most out of your online banking experience. Please get acquainted with making your first login to the new system and all the useful features you’ll find once you do.



We also have business banking mobile apps

Looking for mobile applications to handle banking for your business? We have free apps for that, too. And they have their own special listings in the Apple App store and Google Play.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How do I sign into the new Business Online Banking Platform?
     a. CoastHills performs all business online banking setups, which includes the setup of a Primary Administrator.
     b. Once setup, the Primary Admin will receive two emails to the address currently on file; one with the username and one with the temporary password. A link to the login page will be included in these emails.
     c. The Primary Admin will be prompted to change their password during initial login
     d. The Primary Admin must authenticate their identity during the initial login by entering the One Time Passcode (see below for details).
     e. After successfully logging in for the first time, it is highly recommended that the Primary Admin change their username. This can be done via “My Settings”. If the username is not changed, the Primary Admin will be required to use the system-generated username received in the initial email.

2. What is a One Time Passcode and how do I receive it?
A One Time Passcode is a security feature used to authenticate your identity. After entering the username and temporary password, you’ll be taken to the “Secure Login” screen; click “call me” and follow the phone prompts.

3. Does my One Time Passcode expire?
Each Passcode is unique and is only valid for 10 minutes. If you’re not able to enter the One Time Passcode within 10 minutes, you will need to request a new one.

4. What if I can’t remember my password?
Within the login screen, click the “I can’t access my account” just below the login button. Enter the phone number and username on file. An email will be sent with instructions to reset your password.

5. What if I can’t remember my username?
Within the login screen, click the “I can’t access my account” just below the login button. Next, click “I forgot my username”. Enter your email address on file. An email will be sent with your username.

6. Why am I asked to register my computer or mobile device?
This is a security feature to protect your Business Online Banking session. You should only register a PC or mobile device that you own. By registering a device, you will generally not be required to authenticate your identity via a One Time Passcode when logging in from that device in the future.

7. What Browser should I use for Business Online Banking?
To ensure proper functionality, we recommend using the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

8. Can I use my phone/tablet to access Business Online Banking?
Yes. Our business online banking platform will provide you the ability to bank anytime, anywhere conveniently and securely from many types of devices. You can download the app on an Android or Apple device. You may also access Business Online Banking via your HTML-compatible mobile browser.

Online Banking Services

1. How do I access Business Bill Pay?
You can access Business Bill Pay through your PC. Once logged in, click on the “ “Bill Pay” tab. You’ll be taken to our Business Bill Pay site.

2. How do I add a Secondary Administrator?
Contact CoastHills and we’ll add them within the Business Online Banking system.

3. How do I add a Business User who is not an Admin?
As the Admin, log into Business Online Banking and go to the “Additional Services” menu. Select “Manage Users” and click “Add a user”. Enter the business user’s information and assign them with the appropriate features and functionality for each applicable account.

4. I have another business; how can I see all my accounts?
Contact CoastHills to request that your accounts be linked. Once complete you will be able to see all shares and loans on one screen and may conduct transactions between them. This eliminates the need for multiple logins.

5. Can I see my personal accounts in Business Online Banking?
Yes. Contact CoastHills to request that your personal accounts be linked. Once complete you will be able to view your personal accounts. To conduct transactions on your personal accounts, you will be required to have a separate login.

Administrator vs. Business Sub-User

1. What’s the difference between an Administrator and a Business Sub-User?
     • Administrators must be set up by CoastHills. There can only be one Primary Admin per account, but multiple Secondary Admins are permitted.
     • Primary Admins are considered the main user in Business Online Banking. 
     • Secondary Admins can manage business sub-users as well as other Secondary Admins and can grant permissions and features that they themselves have been granted.
Business Sub-Users 
     • Permissions and features are set up by the Primary or Secondary Admin.
     • Business sub-users cannot do the following: Create/edit/approve/delete business users; Unlock users;  Reset passwords Note: Contact CoastHills for the best way to setup a business sub-user.

2. Approvals in Business Online Banking – When are they needed?
Adding Business Sub-Users
If a business has more than one Administrator, dual approval is required when setting up a business sub-user.
ACH/Wire Payments
If a business has at least one Secondary Administrator or a business sub-user (with ACH/Wire payment approval permissions) initiating an ACH/Wire payment may require dual approval.
ACH/Wire Templates
If there is another user setup with approval permissions (i.e. another Business Admin or a business user who has ACH/Wire template approval permissions), then the template must be approved. Note: Events above will trigger an email to all Business Administrators and business sub-users with the proper approval permissions.

ACH Origination Setup

ACH Origination allows business members to initiate electronic transactions from their accounts through CoastHills online banking platform. You can direct deposit, pay vendors, or collect payments from clients, tenants or members of your organization.

1. How do I sign up for ACH Origination?
Contact your personal banker or call 1-800-262-4488 and ask for our Treasury Services Officer. They will provide an application for the service and follow up with any additional documents required for qualification.

2. How do I qualify for ACH Origination?
     • Satisfactory FICO scores of business owners
     • No bankruptcies in last 7 years
     • Other requirements may apply

3. What happens after I am approved?
Our Treasury Services Officer will activate the service in your business online banking profile and provide hands-on training to utilize ACH Origination.

4. Is there a cost for ACH Origination?
There is no monthly fee for the service at this time, however you will be required to purchase the NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines on an annual basis.

Processing ACH Transactions

1. What types of transactions can be processed through ACH Origination? 

     • ACH Credit Payroll: Direct Deposit funds to employees.
     • ACH Credit Payments: Electronically send funds to consumer or business accounts.
     • ACH Debit Collections: Collect funds from an individual or business.
     • NACHA File (aka Pass-Through file): Import a NACHA formatted file from your payroll, accounting, or other outside software.

2. What are the requirements for an ACH transfer?
     • You must be setup in the CoastHills business online banking platform.
     • A CoastHills business checking or savings account is required.
     • All ACH transactions must be made to/from a financial institution within the United States
     • All ACH transactions must be within the limit’s setup by CoastHills for your business.

3. Are there any transaction limits?
We’ll work with you to determine the exact limits for your business as limits are determined on a case by case basis.

4. Where can I view my transaction limits?
Your limits are displayed in online banking when an ACH transaction is initiated.

5. How will I know requirements change that may affect my ACH processing?
You will be required to purchase a copy of the NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines each year and stay up to date of industry changes. We also recommend you reference periodically for ACH rule changes.

6. What is the cutoff time for sending an ACH transaction?
ACH Files must be approved and submitted before the daily cutoff time of 3 p.m. for next day processing. ACH files sent after the cutoff time will be sent the next business day. ACH files may also be scheduled for a future date.

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