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Setting Up ACH Templates

ACH templates provide efficiency and help reduce errors. Create the template first, then initiate ACH transactions quickly with no need to re-enter details such as account number and routing number.

Adding a new Template:

Go to Move Money > Manage Payment Templates. Click on Add a Template and follow these steps:

1. Enter a Template Name (must be unique from other templates)
2. Choose the Funding Account (the CoastHills account to be debited or credited)
3. Select the Template Type
     • The options will depend on how the business/Admin is setup by CoastHills (or how the sub-user is setup by the Admin)
4. Indicate if the template will be used to make or collect payments

Add Template Screen

5. Select ACH Company ID – CoastHillls sets this up once the business is approved for ACH Origination. Each business has a unique ACH Company ID.
6. Enter the Template Description. Max of 10 characters, this is part of the ACH batch and will show on the recipient’s side of the transaction.
7. Choose to settle by Batch Offset or Single Offset. Example: 4 employees are paid $200 each:
     • Batch offset: one $800 debit to the funding account (most common)
     • Single offset: four $200 debits to the funding account. 
8. Based on selected Template Type, enter participants (details in table below).

Three places to add a Template:

1. Move Money > Manage Payment Templates
2. Move Money > Make/Collect a Payment (“Add a new template” in Template list or “Save as template” after a one time payment is sent)
3. Move Money > Import Recipient Information


ACH Company ID Screen

Template Type Participant Type
Payroll (PPD) Employee
Consumer (PPD) Consumer
Commercial (CCD) Recipient

Adding participants:

• No limit on entries per template
• An Addenda field is available for some payment types (not shown here)
• Routing number is validated. Once validated, the bank name will populate.
• Prenote is optional (zero dollar transaction used to test the validity of an account)

Add an employee

More on prenotes:
• Upon checking the Create Prenote box, a message appears: “You will not be able to schedule payments for this employee until this prenote processes.”
• A mandatory 2 day waiting period is enforced; then the business can initiate ACH debits/credits for that recipient.

Enter information for each participant (in this example, employees).  Participants are listed in alphabetical order by default; click a column header to sort by that column. Click Save Template once all information is entered.

Recipient information

IMPORTANT: Prenote files are created and sent once the template is saved (or when approved, if applicable).

When is approval required?

If there is more than one online banking user setup with approval permissions, the template must be approved. Even if payment approvals are waived via the Approval Threshold, templates must still be approved.

If approval is required

•Template status is Approval Pending
•An Email is sent to all business users who can approve templates
•See next page for steps to approve

If approval is not required (no other users are set up with approval permission):

• Template status is Approved
• Template can be used to initiate payments

Approve Templates

If approval is required, templates must be approved before they are available for use.  Additionally, if edits are made to a template it will be unavailable until approved again.

1. Go to My Accounts > My Approvals widget
2. Select the template name to review details
3. Select Approve for desired template
4. Select Confirm on the pop-up window
5. The template is now available to use and shows as Approved on the template screen

My approvals

Please confirm


• The person creating the template will NOT see it in “My Approvals” since users cannot approve their own work.
• Approving a template does not require additional verification via MFA.
• If Decline is selected an email is sent to the person who created the template.