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Add A Business Sub-User

Administrators must be set up by CoastHills. Once setup, Administrators may set up business sub-users and provide them with access to some or all accounts and services.

Add a Business Sub-User

1. Go to Additional Services > Manage Users
2. Click Add a User
3. Enter the sub-user’s information under User Details
     — The sub-user will receive 2 emails to the email address
     — The sub-user will receive 2 emails to the email address provided (one with the username and one with a temporary password
     — The phone number provided is used for identification purposes (extensions are not supported)

The default accounts screen

My Accounts:
This is a filtered list of Deposit and Loan accounts based on the Tax ID selected.  View available balance; hover over an account for a "quick peek“; click an account name to view details.  The Details screen provides transaction history and export options.

My Approvals: If dual approval is required for ACH and Wires, payments and templates will show here. If the business has more than one Admin, approval is also required when a Business Admin adds/edits a business sub-user.

Additional Services Menu

Add User Screen 

Manage User Settings


Account Specific Access

1. If the business has multiple Tax IDs, select them one at a time from the dropdown.
2. Grant full access to all accounts within the selected TIN, if desired.
3. Grant full access to a specific account within the selected TIN, if desired.
4. Permission options for Checking, Savings, and Money Market accounts are the same.
5. Permission options for Credit Cards and Loans are the same.

User Access Settings

Note: “Select user to clone” (top right) offers a shortcut to building a sub-user profile.

6. Grant basic access to an account
     • View balances, view transaction history/statements, process internal transfers, request stop payments
7. Permissions for Credit Cards and Loans vary by loan:
     • View balances, view transaction details/history, make loan payment and request loan advance

Checking menu Commercial loan menu

Set Access For All Accounts

1. You may choose to give a sub-user one or more of the options shown below.  The options chosen here will apply to all accounts the sub-user has access to. Note: “Payments Reports refers to ACH or Wires. If one of these services is not enabled, this option will not be available.

2. Click Save. Note: If there is more than one Business Administrator, the sub-user must be approved before the new sub-user will have access to Business Online Banking.

3. The sub-user will receive 2 emails containing the username and temporary password to access Business Online Banking.

User Access Menu

Sample email

Manage Users

Manage secondary administrators and business sub-user permissions via the Options link.

Options for an Active User:

• Print User Details: Print the user’s  current permissions and limits.
• Edit User: Change anything except the user’s name
• Copy From User: Select to copy this user’s permissions when creating a new sub-user.
• Reset password: Send a temporary password to the user’s phone via call or text.
• Generate Access Code: Send a one-time code on the screen that the Admin gives the user if needed during login (not for payment approvals)
• Delete User: Permanently delete the user from business online banking.
• Grant Access:  When set to “No”, the selected user is disabled from accessing business online banking (temporary hold).

Options for a Locked User (same as above, with the addition of the following):

• Reset Password and Unlock User: Unlock the user and send a new temporary password to the user’s phone via call or text.
• Unlock user: Unlock user so they can login with their original password.

Users With Access Menu

Approving a Sub-User: If the business has more than one Administrator, approval is required when a business sub-users is added. Only Administrators (Primary or Secondary) can approve a business sub-user. 


When an Administrator adds a new business sub-user, emails are sent to other Business Administrators

Another sample email 

An Administrator other than the one who added the business sub-user, must follow these steps before the business sub-user will have access:

Steps to Approve a Business Sub-User:

1. Log into business online banking
2. Go to My Approvals on the home page
3. Click the sub-user’s name to review details.
4. Click Approve.
5. A pop-up prompts the Admin to verify their identity via call or text.
6. If successful, the system sends the sub-user 2 emails: one with the username and one with the temporary password.

Note: If Decline is selected, an email to the administrator who added the business sub-user will be sent.

Login and Approvals Screens

Tip:  Business sub-users requiring approval stay on My Approvals indefinitely. If the Admin closes the pop-up before completing the verification, the approval will not go through.