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Rewarded - The Central Coast Way
Benefits of a CoastHills Visa Credit Card
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Easy wins are the best kind of ways to reward yourself these days. Why take a cumbersome path, when there’s a simple one right in front of you? That’s where the CoastHills Visa® credit card rewards program comes in handy. When you switch your auto-paid services, from utilities, to streaming accounts, you could be earning double the rewards points—for basically doing nothing at all!

Switch your autopay accounts to your CoastHills Visa® credit card now through December 31*—and earn double rewards in the meantime.

It takes just three easy steps...

  1. Log into your account—from the electric bill to your new HBO Max subscription.
  2. Change the autopay method—it’ll take about as much energy as 3-4 taps or clicks!
  3. Earn double the rewards—without doing anything else!

Get rewarded the Central Coast Way.

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*Offer valid for eligible bill payment and subscription purchases charged on the CoastHills Platinum Rewards Visa® and Encore Visa® Signature card between August 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. You will receive two points for every dollar spent on telecom services (including mobile phone services), computer network services (such as XBOX, Google Store, Dropbox), utilities, insurance services, cable, satellite television and radio, subscriptions (such as Amazon Prime, Fabletics, Dollar Shave Club), digital/audiovisual media (such as Audible, Patreon), streaming television and radio subscriptions, membership club subscriptions (such as golf courses and fitness centers), Cafe Runner, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub and InstaCart. For an example list of eligible merchants, click here. May take up to 120 days to receive bonus points.