Coast Hills
How to use your new EMV card
1. Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up.

2. Keep your card in the terminal and follow the prompts on screen.

3. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt.

The smartest Visa® credit card on the block.

The next generation of credit cards featuring the latest in security technology—EMV chips. Here’s what you need to know.

EMV technology is the next generation of payments. It is currently being used in 130 countries around the world including Canada and Mexico, and is being rolled out across the U.S. This new technology relies on smart chips that can be used in cards and mobile phones. When used with credit and debit cards, sensitive data receives an added level of protection and is nearly impossible to duplicate. The result is a more secure card—one that has been proven effective in combating fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my new EMV CoastHills Visa card be different from my traditional cards?

A: EMV cards are the most advanced cards available. With the EMV card, you’ll receive an enhanced
level of security as well as global acceptance. You’ll notice a small, metallic square on EMV cards.
This chip replaces the magnetic stripe on all plastic cards. Unlike traditional cards with a magnetic
stripe that contains reusable information, the chip card creates a unique code during a transaction.
This code can only be used once and cannot be used again. Even if a hacker accesses the code, it
will be useless.

Q: Will my card features change?

A: You will continue to enjoy all the great features of our credit card program—but with an added
level of security and peace of mind.

Q: How do I use an EMV chip card?

A: Similar to traditional cards, there are two steps. First, you insert your card into the EMV reader
at the register (i.e. no more swiping a card). Next, you wait for the card to be verified and purchase
approved. Once the transaction is approved, remove your card and you’re done!

Q: Where can I use my new EMV card?

A: As we transition to the new EMV technology, CoastHills cards will include BOTH a chip and magnetic stripe. This will allow you to continue using your card anywhere you see the Visa logo. Many merchants around the U.S. are beginning to accept EMV cards. If an EMV reader is not available at your merchant, you can still use your card with a swipe.

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