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Family conversations about money.
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CoastHills Financial Wellness Center

You have important financial goals, we want to help you reach them. Introducing our Financial Wellness Center, created in partnership with EverFI, a leading financial education provider. Through this FREE program, you can watch short and interactive videos on a variety of topics, for every stage of your financial journey. Simply select a topic that interests you below to get started, or view the entire training library, here.

Buying a Car
Summer is a popular time for car shopping, but will a new monthly payment fit into your budget? Learn more about the factors that will affect the amount of your car loan payments.
•  Car Loans
•  Creating a Budget
•  Credit Scores & Reports

Family Conversations About Money
When's the last time you discussed money with your family? Learn how having productive family conversations can help with your finances.
• Family Conversations About Money
• Healthy Financial Habits

Paying for College
Are you or a family member planning to attend school next fall? Don’t forget to consider the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), one of the many options you have to pay for college expenses.
•  Paying for College
•  529 Plans