Coast Hills

Mortgage Refinance

Second time’s a charm.

With many different ways to borrow, CoastHills can help you refinance your existing loan and find a monthly payment that fits like a comfy pair of socks. We’ll help review your current mortgage and payments, and recommend any possible solutions to brighten up your financial life.

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Here are a few ways that refinancing your mortgage can help:

  • Choose from a variety of options and terms for refinances (or purchases)
  • Access the equity in your home and tap into smart money
  • Refinance with a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan
  • Enjoy even more money-savings with no closing costs!1
1No closing cost options available. Member pays for appraisal and credit report (to be refunded at the close of escrow) and all prepaid closing costs (prepaid interest, property taxes, hazard insurance and impounds). Contact a Mortgage Loan Officer at (855) 774-5626 for details.