Coast Hills

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A message from our CEO

Paul Cook, President & CEO

This Holiday Season, I express my gratitude for your membership at CoastHills Credit Union. Credit Unions are different from any other type of financial institution -- they are owned by their members, and this is why we call each account holder a member-owner. As a member-owner of CoastHills, you belong to a people driven cooperative. This means when you deposit money at CoastHills, that money is used to lend to other member-owners to buy a home, start or expand a business, or purchase a vehicle. The community is better and stronger because of your choice to bank with CoastHills.

CoastHills takes its responsibility to make a positive difference for each member-owner seriously. We show that commitment through better deposit and loan rates, and service that makes it easy to do business with us. We have invested in new technology to make banking easier for you. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to keep our branches open. Now we are opening more branches in San Luis Obispo County to improve access to our in-branch experience with the latest being a second branch in Arroyo Grande on Grand Avenue. We also invest in local non-profits and schools that benefit our local community. Over the last year we have donated more than $220,000 dollars to these groups. 

It is CoastHills’ vision to be the most meaningful financial institution on the Central Coast. This applies to how we treat each of our 71,648 members, each employee, and our community. Below are examples that demonstrate how we are living this vision.

CoastHills Living the Vision

  1. Supported Allan Hancock College with $23,000 during their 100-year anniversary to help fund the Hancock Promise.
  2. Rated number one in Return to Member by among Credit Unions on the Central Coast.  Return to Member measures how a Credit Union's loan and deposit rates benefit their members.
  3. Contributed $25,000 dollars to Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo to help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and financial stability.
  4. Provided funding to Salvation Army, South County Youth Coalition, local food banks, and shelters who support families struggling during the pandemic.
  5. Hired a professional physician's group to protect employees and members at our branches to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect member-owners and employees and are following best practices with COVID-19.

Moving Forward
Every action we take is focused on our member-owners. This focus is supported through our mission statement: CoastHills Credit Union is making a positive difference in our neighbors' lives. I want you, our member-owners, to know this is my commitment to each and every one of you.

Thank you for your valued membership and the confidence you have placed in CoastHills.


Paul Cook
CoastHills Credit Union