Coast Hills

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A message from our CEO...

Paul Cook, President & CEO

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our staff has worked harder than  ever to provide our members with uninterrupted service. I’m grateful for  the dedication our team has proven during this unprecedented time.  

We continued to demonstrate our commitment to innovative technology, which allowed us to maintain branch operations, as well as remote and phone support, providing you secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day. While vaccinations have been distributed, and there has been an increased ability to gather and travel, we remain vigilant as COVID-19 continues to cause surges in infections across the country.  

Our CoastHills staff has an amazing track record of finding opportunities to improve member service, and we’re poised to do that again in 2021. I’ve never been more excited about the future of this organization and the opportunities right in front of us.

CoastHills Success
As a community Credit Union, we have the power to make local decisions that allow us to remain strong and respond quickly to member needs. Against that backdrop, we have excelled in many ways during the pandemic:

  1. CoastHills was recognized as the leading financial institution on the Central Coast to offer the Paycheck Protection Program loans (PPP). 
  2. We’ve worked closely with members to help them remain financially healthy during the pandemic, make payments on time, and improve their credit. I’m pleased to say that while we continue to identify and provide assistance to individual members who are encountering challenges, overall our members are showing exceptional financial strength.
  3. As a member-owned financial institution, we don’t have stockholders. Our income goes back to our members by offering low loan rates, low fees, and higher dividends. Even during these challenging times, our profitability is improving—we had over $1 Million dollars in net income for May, June, and July.
  4. We recently made significant upgrades to our account opening process to be more efficient and allow time to discuss members’ financial needs.

Moving Forward
As we propel CoastHills’ next phase of growth, we will focus on delivering an enhanced member experience by engaging our member-owners with greater urgency and accountability. The success CoastHills continues to enjoy is a tribute to our greatest assets, our talented team who serve our members each day.  

My commitment is to remain clearly aligned with the mission of CoastHills—to be the premier financial institution on the Central Coast which means serving the community through exceptional products and services, while supporting the organizations and efforts that make the Central Coast such an amazing place to call home.

Thank you for your valued membership and the confidence you have placed in CoastHills.


Paul Cook
CoastHills Credit Union