Coast Hills

Internet and On-Line Security


Use caution when disclosing checking account numbers, credit card numbers or other personal financial data at any web site or on-line service location unless you receive a secured authentication key from your provider.

When you subscribe to an on-line service, you may be asked to give credit card information. When you enter any interactive service site, beware of con artists who may ask you to "confirm" your enrollment service by disclosing passwords or credit card account number used to subscribe.

Check Out Charities Before You Give

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau to investigate charities and other organizations
  • When dealing with not for profit charities, always ask for them to send you the solicitation in the mail so that you can ensure that the request has the Symbol of Trust from the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)
  • Never donate funds to an organization that is not a member of ECFA. In order to be a member of the ECFA, organizations must submit their financial statements annually for yearly review. The ECFA in turn holds the organizations financially accountable and ensures that everything is legitimate