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Finding your dream car at the price you want is harder than ever right now. Dealer inventories are low, so you may have to contact dozens before you get anywhere. That's where AutoSMART, CoastHills Credit Union's online vehicle resource center, comes in. With this tool, you can find and finance your vehicle - all in one spot.

When you use AutoSMART, you can...
•  Search for a vehicle - With one of the most extensive vehicle-shopping databases, you can view real-time dealer inventory and do all your research and comparisons online.
• Build your dream car - Select the features you want and AutoSMART will find your vehicle and get you a quote from a local dealer.
• Finance your vehicle - Get pre-approved by CoastHills before you go to the dealer, estimate your trade-in value, and find a monthly payment that works for your budget.

With AutoSMART, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Start looking for your dream car, today!

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