Our Credit Union

We're neighbors helping neighbors reach their financial goals.

Our part of California is different.

We appreciate the couple who runs the quirky local café. The crafters who own the boutique with the artisanal items. The vineyards, surf shops and other small businesses that have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the Central Coast.

Yes, we have our big box stores here and there. But we don’t have a box store attitude.

Sure, you can go to a big bank, but we think people would prefer to walk into a CoastHills Credit Union branch and be greeted with, "Hey, great to see you again."

Unlike those big banks, CoastHills is locally owned. We're headquartered in Santa Maria with 12 branches from Paso Robles through Lompoc. 

For us, local is more than a place. It's a business model.

"Local" is all about getting exceptional service from a teller who happens to be your neighbor. It’s about loan decisions made by a fellow Californian instead of by a computer program written by someone half a world away. It’s about being able to get a real voice on the phone when you have a question - and a fast answer because that person knows your finances are important.

To be sure, we provide the same financial tools the big banks offer – convenience-packed checking accounts, high-performing deposit accounts and low-cost, life-changing loans. But we also offer all that with our own special sauces - community involvement, financial education resources, and flat-out friendliness.

At CoastHills, we focus on building relationships. Our members are loyal because they see we really care about what’s going on in their lives.

Our part of California is wonderful.

People come here from all over for the wineries, the beach scene, the cool shops and the positive vibe. At CoastHills Credit Union, we’re going to keep doing our thing, and hopefully folks will want to add us to that list of local attractions.

All about credit unions

Not quite sure what a credit union is? You’re in for a treat. With a credit union, you can handle nearly every single financial need you can think of, but with a little something extra—we’re a not-for-profit cooperative. This means we’re here to help people, not a make a profit for a few shareholders. And that makes a huge difference.

Credit unions are owned by people just like you. People who want to save money, get a loan, and make their financial life easy. It may sound like a radical idea, but credit unions have been active in the United States for more than 100 years, serving Americans who simply want a place to bank that isn’t, well, a big bank.

The result? Credit union members can typically count on lower loan rates, higher earnings on their savings, and free or low-cost financial services. See, we told you you were in for a treat. Why not hop aboard and join a credit union today? Hint: preferably this one.

CoastHills Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with 12 Central Coast locations throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.


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CoastHills does not provide copies of drafts with our statements.

CoastHills does not provide copies of deposited items.

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