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For business owners and individuals, our easy-to-use calculators can help you make the right choices so you can reach your financial goals.

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You'll find many other valuable resources through our financial literacy platform.

Your Money Personality

Better understand your money decisions with our behavioral analysis.


Plan for expenses, set goals, and keep your finances on track.

Retirement Analyzer

Find out if you're on track for retirement in 2 minutes or less.

Student Loan Snapshot

Track all your student loans in one place in 5 minutes or less.

Credit Card Pay Down

Compare fast and proven credit card paydown strategies.

529 Savings Planner

Find out if you're on track with your child's college savings goals.

Home Affordability

Find out if you're ready to buy a home and how much you can afford.

Auto Buy vs. Lease

Compare your options for buying or leasing your next vehicle.

Commercial Loan Calculator

Figure out what you'll pay monthly and over a full term for your CoastHills commercial loan.

Break Even Calculator

Estimate what sales figures you need to reach in order to break even, and then go beyond.

Savings Goal Calculator

Once you have a number in mind, see what type of savings effort is required to reach your goal.

Auto Loan Calculator

Take a closer look at all the financial factors within your CoastHills vehicle loan so you know what you'll pay monthly.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator

You could save significant money by transferring your debt from higher-interest credit cards to a CoastHills Visa® credit card.

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Financial Education

We offer a number of user-friendly resources that can help you make the right financial moves going forward.

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