Financial Education

A little extra knowledge can go a really long way

At CoastHills, we're always here to answer your questions and offer guidance. But if you're the DIY type, you'll also want to empower yourself by learning more about important financial topics. We offer a number of user-friendly resources that can help you make the right moves going forward.

Financial Wellness Center

  • Our Financial Wellness Center was created in partnership with Enrich, an award-winning financial education provider. Through this free program, you'll receive personalized content and gain access to a variety of financial tools.
  • To get started, simply create your free account and complete the Financial Wellness Checkup. From there, you'll start receiving personalized recommendations - including a selection from thousands of articles, informative videos and more.
  • Ready to start your financial wellness journey? Complete your personalized profile and start exploring all the resources available to help you reach your goals.

Visit Our Blog

  • Our blog is a great way to learn about money management. It features straight-to-the-point articles on a variety of financial topics.
  • Know the warning signs of fraudulent activity and online scams so you can protect yourself and your accounts. Check out this blog post titled “How To Protect Yourself From These 7 Common Scams." 

Online Calculators

  • Sometimes the best insights come from crunching the numbers. We offer a variety of online calculators that can provide insights into creating a savings plan, eliminating debt, getting financing for your home, and more

Youth Financial Education & Certification

  • If you have a student checking account and would like to qualify for debit card access, please visit our member education page to take the "Understanding Your Money" literacy course.

CoastHills Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with 12 Central Coast locations throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

Financial Education

We offer a number of user-friendly resources that can help you make the right financial moves going forward.

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