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The CoastHills home team is ready to go to bat for you

Choosing a home is one thing - it's exciting to pick out a new place to live. But choosing a mortgage is a different matter - after all, this is big money we're talking about. At CoastHills, we know how important this moment is for you. Our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers can explain all our mortgage options, walk you through the application process, and generally act as a helpful neighbor until you have your financing in hand.

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Voices of experience

Our trained Mortgage Loan Officers are all registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System and experts in the California housing market.

Teaching moments

If you're a first-time homebuyer, our lenders will patiently walk you through the mortgage ABCs.

Personal attention

No matter how many homes you've purchased, our local lenders will strive to make this experience as stress-free as possible with local decision-making.

Other services

Our team can also help you refinance your current loan or apply for home equity funds.


Joanna Brooking

Direct: (805) 875-6199
Email: [email protected]
NMLS #: 263165 

Corri Samantha Oakes

Direct: (805) 733-7865
Email: [email protected]
NMLS #: 836445

Tania Ruiz

Direct: (805) 875-6211
Email: [email protected]
NMLS #: 1177295

Shelbie Nichole Tosti

Direct: (805) 733-7807
Email: [email protected]
NMLS #: 1236838

Registered MLOs

Andrew Allen
NMLS: 1553240

Raylene Ayala
NMLS: 1964332

Misty Coen
NMLS: 836451

Sarah Escobedo
NMLS: 1466729

James Foote
NMLS: 2011939

Elyssa Melena Ibarra
NMLS: 836457 

Victor Jon Jasper
NMLS: 633241

Elizabeth Johnson
NMLS: 2318046

Myleana Marie Lara
NMLS: 1478352

Anne Milne-Rampone
NMLS: 1842425

Catherine Nillo-Cachu
NMLS: 2313991

Stephanie Ortega-Parra
NMLS: 2326067

Tracey Paulson
NMLS: 1521299

Yvette Perez
NMLS: 920301

Barbara Rodriquez-Pena
NMLS: 891786

Kelly Schaller
NMLS: 1236841

Terris Sloan
NMLS: 2213931

Angelina Marie Sumner
NMLS: 607062

Mona Lynn Swain
NMLS: 1418851

Angelica Valencia
NMLS: 2254480

Sofia Valenzuela
NMLS: 1909787

Susan Villanueva
NMLS: 1323662

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