Share & Certificate Secured Loan

A low-cost loan that lets you double down on your savings strategy

With a Share Secured or Certificate Secured Loan, your borrowing power is determined by how much you have in those savings accounts. These loan options are a good way to get money for purchases, projects or payments while continuing to build your savings momentum. And if you've hit some financial bumps up to this point, repaying a secured loan can help boost your credit rating.

No strings attached

Our secured loans can be used for pretty much any purpose.

Eye-catching rates

Because your loan is secured by your savings deposits, you qualify for some of the best loan rates available.

Growth factor

By keeping your savings intact, you'll continue to earn dividends that can help you reach long-term goals.

Giving you credit

Making timely loan payments is one of many things you can do to build or rebuild your credit history.

Questions answered

Our experienced lending team can explain all the benefits of Share & Certificate Secured loans.

CoastHills Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with 12 Central Coast locations throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.


Your questions answered

To make a payment on your CoastHills loan from another Financial institution, visit and select Make Your Payment. 

You have the option to create an account by selecting Register, or make a one-time payment using Express Pay.

When registering or making a one-time payment, you'll need the last 6-digits of your CoastHills account number and your Loan ID. Please note: when entering your birth date, be sure to use the proper format XX/XX/XXXX. The portal will not accept any other format.

To access LoanPay, you may either bookmark the login page or visit 

You may also access the site by clicking Make a Payment from the CoastHills homepage.

To cancel a reoccurring payment in LoanPay:

One-Time Cancellation - Select Edit AutoPay, then click Cancel Scheduled Payment and select Update. Your automatic payment will be cancelled for one occurrence.

Cancel All Reoccurring -  Select Edit AutoPay, then enter the date you'd like reoccurring payments to stop in the Starting field and select On a Specific Date under the End Date Options drop down, and select Update. All payments after your selected end date for that loan will be cancelled.

By setting up automatic payments on any loan, you're reducing your risk of missing a payment which could result in late fees. For help in setting up autopay, visit any of our 12 Central Coast locations, or call us at (805) 733-7600

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High-dividend, free checking loaded with fantastic perks.

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