How To Make The Most Of Your Checking Account

  • April 28, 2020
  • By CoastHills Staff

A checking account can be the ideal hub for your daily budgeting. It is a great transactional tool for frequent withdrawals and deposits. Whereas savings accounts are built for building up your funds over time, checking accounts are built for spending. (Unless, of course, your checking account offers interest-earning dividends.)  If you’re looking to utilize your checking account to its fullest… you came to the right place.

Make the most of your checking account with these tips.

Instant Access

A checking account is like having a door to your personal finances right in your pocket. Debit cards and paper checks can give you instant access to your funds, with the ability to set spending limits, in order to encourage responsible spending. CoastHills has convenient card control and spending limits on the mobile app. It makes money movements as easy as pie—and if you ever lose a card or checkbook, you’ll be covered by simply telling your banking provider to freeze your account.


So, checking accounts make spending easy. They also make withdrawing—and, in many cases, making deposits—easy, with the help of debit cards and ATMs. With nationwide, fee-free access on select checking accounts, such as the ones CoastHills Credit Union offers, you’ll find them in the most convenient of places. They offer 24-hour service and the ultimate convenience of accessing cash when you need it. And with more and more merchants seeking to avoid accepting paper checks, it’s a great alternative for when you’re not interested in using your debit card for a transaction.

But if you’re a frequent ATM user, non-affiliated ATM transaction fees can add up very quickly. Make sure you find a checking account that offers ATM fee reimbursement. Who wants to spend money just to access your money? CoastHills Credit Union offers access to 33,000+ ATMs with the CO-OP Network and with a Super Checking account, will reimburse you up to $10 per month for any non-affiliated ATM fees.1

Direct Deposit

A vast portion of American workers are paid through direct deposit. It’s a smart way to get your paycheck instantly and encourage financial security. Having a consistent flow of money deposited into your checking account can help with building dividend interest, building a financial safety net or keeping you above a required minimum deposit threshold.

Save time and money if you direct deposit. There’s no need to drive to your local bank or credit union in order to deposit your check. With direct deposit, you’ll have instant access to your paycheck the moment its posted. What’s better than that?

Online Bill Payments

Don’t worry about forgotten or lost bills slipping through the cracks. Checking accounts can allow automated online bill payments, which makes organizing and paying your bills a lot easier. It often comes at no extra cost and makes things easy and reliable. Never worry about late fees or overdue bills when you pay online through your checking account. It’s also a great way to track your bills and confirm your payments any time a question arises. One of the greatest things CoastHills offers with Online BillPay  is that you can automatically set up recurring or one-time bill payments online, for free. No need to write a check. No need to buy stamps.


Quality checking accounts will come with quality customer service. This may include 24-hour available interaction with your branch, or constant security, fraud monitoring and secure online account access. A strong checking account will also give you the option of changing your settings on the fly. Gain extra perks with an upgraded account, such as Super Checking from CoastHills!

Why stay stagnant when your money can change with you? Keep your money safe and strong. Find all of these benefits and more in a CoastHills Credit Union checking account!

1 Foreign ATM fees will be reimbursed up to $10 per month (domestic charges reimbursed up to $4.75 per transaction; international charges reimbursed $2.00 per transaction; POS fees will not be reimbursed).

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