Is A Dividend Earning Checking Account Right For You?

  • April 23, 2020
  • By CoastHills Staff

Every day, we are moving closer and closer to a cashless world. Only 26 percent of transactions in the United States are conducted with physical money. Today, more people are opting to use their plastic cards, instead of their paper money.

Checking accounts are great assets for everyday living. Spending becomes easier when your money can be accessible through multiple avenues, such as a debit card, checks or online transaction services, like Venmo or PayPal. Who doesn’t like instant, secure access to their money? But there’s one differentiator that certain checking accounts have over the average deposit account.

Here are some reasons why a dividend-earning checking account might be worth the switch.


If you hate the idea of your money sitting in an account and doing nothing, then a dividend-earning checking account should sound appealing. Instead of stashing all your money underneath your proverbial mattress, have your money work for you in a checking account.  After all, whatever the interest rate is, it’s going to be an improvement on the “under-the-mattress special” rate of zero percent earned. Plus, earning interest is essentially dividends deposited for virtually doing nothing. At CoastHills, we offer two checking options with high dividend earning potential.


Because some dividend-earning checking accounts require minimum balances, they also incentivize responsible spending. Leaving your base amount alone can be a great safety net when emergencies arise. Most checking accounts also offer fraud protection along with monitoring that you won’t get outside an account. It’s also safer to use checks and a debit card than carrying loads of cash around with you. Keep your money safe in a checking account.


When you’re looking for a dividend-earning checking account, make sure it’s affordable. That means no hidden fees or monthly service charge. At CoastHills Credit Union you can benefit from Freedom Plus Checking and save big. CoastHills skips fees completely. Get free eStatements, free online BillPay and no monthly service charge. Go the distance and get a checking account that works for you entirely.

Don’t worry about crunching numbers to try and find the best deal. At CoastHills, there are two checking account options to work with, both with high dividend earning potential. Find what fits you best!

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